If you've been to Purge before, you know what to expect: unlike a traditional rally where people go from city to city, show off their wealth and party, Purge is all about the raw driving experience. This is an event where advanced driving skills are required. Expect a mix of challenging roads with changes in elevation and pitch, sharp hairpins, dips and crests, and of course, insurmountable amount of twisties. This rally is for those who want to have an adventure, a challenge, who crave something different, something memorable, a bonding experience like no other, but most importantly, it’s for those who want to better their technical driving skills.

Setting a high standard is what we're good at: 2020 will be no exception. This year we are adding a full track day as one of the activities, a 2.4 mile technical circuit in the heart of South Carolina. This private event includes a catered lunch, is fully staffed (marshals, pit crew, ambulance, etc), and we can run laps all day long or do something fun like roll racing. The rally will also include some of the iconic roads on the mid-east of the United States including the Blue Ridge, Tail of the Dragon, Snake 421, and more Purge family favourites. Another unique addon that we are excited about this year is night driving through one of the technical roads. Now who's ready for a challenge?!

Dates: September 19 - September 26, 2020

Price (USD): $3,000 per vehicle

What's included: accommodations for 7 nights, prizes, a private track day, a final dinner and most importantly, your new family. Please check out Purge 2019 photos to get an idea of where we will be staying. Purge 2020 will be bigger and better than our last one in every way. We are increasing the focus on the charity aspect, as well as the "rally spirit" overall. Trust us, it will be fun!

To preserve exclusivity, your application will be approved only if you got recommended by a previous Purge member.
Purge is not a race and no awards will be given for racing or getting to the destination first (except for private or closed-off roads). We know the difference between reckless driving and driving at an advanced level. Risky behavior will not be tolerated on public roads and will be subject to being disqualified from the rally altogether without a refund!

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